Israel – Abraham’s son was named Isaac. He had 2 more sons named Jacob and Esau, and Jacob, who God eventually changed his name to Israel, had 12 sons and so on and so forth.. . One of those sons of Israel, named Joseph, eventaully went to Egypt through a crazy series of events and God made things work out so that he was eventually second in command of all of Egypt, second only to Pharoah. While he was in command, there was a huge famine in the middle east, and because God had warned joseph of this, he planned for it and with the food Egypt had stored up, the country was saved. During this Famine, all of the rest of Jospeh’s brothers and family came to Egypt as well. There, their families flourished and grew into a huge nation. A nation founded in the identity that their job was to remind the world of the greatness of God and to worship him properly

Moses – Well they got to be a really big nation. And kind of freaked out Egypt. So the armies of Egypt made them slaves. The Israelites weren’t exactly a war like nation and couldn’t put up much of a fight. Eventually, A pharoah even ordered the execution of every male under the age of 2 to limit their population growth. One boy, named Moses was saved from that execution. His mom put him in a basket on the nile and somehow (because God is faithful) he ended up in Pharoah’s Palace where a princess took him in and loved on him. So moses grew up in Pharoah’s court. Through another series of events where Moses kills some egyptian slave driver, flees egypt for murder, goes into the wilderness, marries a girl, becomes a shepherd, God speaks to him in the form of a burning bush and tells him to go deliver God’s people, Israel, out of Egypt, and then Moses does it. He goes back to Egypt, tells pharoah to let him go, he doesn’t (largest work force in the ancient world no doubt.), God sends all these crazy plagues on egypt and Pharoah finally relents. Israel is free and leaves. Well Pharoah changes his mind, chases them with his army. Israel is backed up against a sea, and Because God is faithful, he literally splits the sea down the middle and Moses and all his people walk through and are rescued. Oh.. and God killed all of the Egyptian armies that tried to follow them through the sea. So the people of Israel are saved on headed to a place where God is showing them.

Tabernacle – Well. Even though these people are God’s people, and they are responsible for telling the whole world about him, they suck at it a lot of times. They still have that Sin problem in their hearts like the rest of humanity. So they just got freed from Egypt, the most powerful nation in the world at the time, and then they came to the land God wanted them to go into. Well.. they got scared of the people who were living there and thought that they would beat them in battle. So they balked and turned back. God was angry that they didn’t do as he told them. He made them wander in the wilderness for 40 years. This effectively killed off the leadership that didn’t follow God’s plan. During this time though, God still loved his people. And wanted to be with them. So he ordered Moses to build a huge tent called the tabernacle. In this tent, that they moved around as they wandered, God would come and let his presence fill it regularly. The glory was so powerful though, that people couldn’t just go in to be with God. They were still imperfect in their sin, so being there in that presence would kill them. God was simultaneously showing his people he loved them and wanted them to be in his presence, and putting up a dividing wallbetween them.

Promised Land – 40 years passed. The people believed God would be faithful and he was. He let them go into the promised land (this was actually the Home of Abraham and Isaac and Joseph long before, and they defeated the people there. They were finally home.