Babel – Well eventually even Noah’s grandsons and great grandsons began to forget about God and want to do their own thing. They had become a huge group of people now. Everyone was speaking the same language and so it was very easy for them to get things accomplished and to work together. They got big headed though, and because they were so productive and powerful together, they forgot that they were just creatures, not the creator. They wanted to build a tower so tall that it reached into heaven. They didn’t need a promised substitute to get there. And they didn’t need God to be merciful, because if he sent another flood, they could just climb their tower. They wanted all of humanity after them to not think about God, but to think about what they had accomplished and give them praise for it. The tower they built was massive. But God was not happy at all about what they were doing. He decided to make them all speak different languages. This was completely confusing to them. They could no longer keep constructing the tower because no one understood one another. God made them speak different languages so they would be humbled once again, and be reminded that they are creatures of a powerful creator. But instead of humbly learning to work together again, the difference in languages frustrated them and they began to argue with people they could not understand. Instead of patiently learning other languages, they began to gather into tribes of languages and fighting with other tribes and stealing their land and women and killing. It sounds familiar.

Abraham – God, could have destroyed all of mankind again. However he wanted to, I suppose. He is God after all. But Instead of destroying them all and starting all over again, he had a different plan. While God is a God of Judgment, he is also Love. So his plan was one of restoration and renewal. God chose one man, Abraham, through whom he would remind the entire world of his greatness and glory. Abraham didn’t do anything special, God just picked him because that was his plan. God promised Abraham that through his sons and descendents, the promised substitute would be born. Abraham believed God. This was a tough thing to believe, considering Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was barren and couldn’t have Kids. However, God is sovereign and in control of all things, so he opened Sarah’s womb and made her able to conceive. After many childless years, Abraham finally had a son. God was faithful to his promise.

To be continued..