Fall – these creations loved God as well. They walked and talked with him everyday. However, they chose one day to rebel against God. They were just moons reflecting light, but they wanted to be the Sun itself. They did things God asked them not to do, and it changed the world forever. Humans would have lived forever, but now they would die because of their rebellion. The bible calls the wrong things that the man and woman did, sin. Also though, sin is not just doing wrong things. It’s a corruption, a disease, a presence that permeates all of the world including the hearts of humans. Humans used to be able to walk and talk with God without any strings attached, but now their friendship and communion was broken and shattered. Humans, unclean as they now were couldn’t approach God because he is perfect and can’t be touched by imperfection. This left humanity in a predicament.
promise of redemption – God loved his creation too much to leave it like this though. As it were, humans would have to experience death eternally, and could never enter into communion with him again. But God, because he is so loving, and very wise, made a promise that one day he would send a substitute for all of mankind. That substitute would somehow take the penalty for man’s sin on himself, and would experience death in their place. In doing so, he would blaze a path for people to come back into friendship with God. God asked the man and the woman to believe and trust that he would bring this substitute for them, and if they did, after they died, they could be with God in spirit. And one day, even their dead bodies would be redeemed and made new again. Ultimately, they were promised life again, if they would believe and live like God would be faithful to his promises to them. 
Noah – Well. The first man and woman did believe. And they taught their children to believe. and their children’s children to believe and so on and so forth. However, somewhere along the line, someone didn’t care that much about God and stopped teaching his kids about him.Well that attitude was really contagious and pretty much everyone stopped teaching their kids about God and then the world got kind of crazy. Everyone was running around doing whatever they wanted, killing, stealing, sleeping with anyone and everyone. It made for a sad world and they all forgot God. Eventually.. in the entire world, only one man and his family still remembered God and believed in the promised substitute. His name was Noah. God said he would punish the world by sending a great flood to wipe the planet clean. He instructed Noah to build a huge boat. On that boat, Noah and his family (his sons and daughters and their husbands and wives) would stay while the floods were raging. God sent 2 of every kind of animal to the boat as well so that they could repopulate the whole earth once they got out. It’s an amazing story really. God did send a flood. Everyone on earth was killed except Noah and his family. God is very serious about people not recognizing him as their creator and being faithful to his promises.

To Be Continued…