So My friend was at a disciple now leading small group sessions. The subject matter of the weekend was the story of Nehemiah. In an attempt to help her with teaching her girls, she asked that I give her a brief summary of what has taken place in scripture up to that point so that the girls could read it.

The word “brief” is relative.

I will be posting in increments what I wrote for her. I hope you enjoy.

The Bible is ancient scripture. Written over a period of 1500 years by 40 different authors, it is the most popular book ever written. Every year since it’s first printing, it has been the best seller. It contains hundreds of prophecies, none of which have been proven false, hundreds of which have come to pass, and still many more that have yet to be fulfilled. Many look at the Bible as a strange book full of rules, or a magic book that you can go to when you need something, full of incantations for certain situations. Instead, one should see the Bible as a story. It is the story of the world. It is the story of all mankind. And it the story of God. It’s important to know that the Bible is full of hundreds of stories, but they all connect into one big story. We are going to study one story, about God and a man named Nehemiah. We are picking up this story in the middle of the bigger story, so I want to briefly summarize what you might need to know to better understand the story of Nehemiah.
God – You need to understand the God of the Bible first. In the beginning, before time even existed. God always was. He exists in 3 parts, but all 1 being. He is God as father, God as Son, and God as Spirit. Hard to wrap your mind around. But that’s expected. It makes sense that you would have to be God to fully understand God. He is the one who started this whole thing. He is the author of the story. He is the main character too. He isn’t like what most of the world thinks of when they think of God. He isn’t old and hard of hearing. He isn’t waiting for you to mess up so he can hit you with a lightning bolt. He also isn’t playing chess with the angels unconcerned about what is going on down here. He is ageless, and hears quite well. He is infinite in power, and loving and wise. He is intimately involved with all that happens on earth. He most of all, is intimately involved with humans. Why?
Creation – God created the entire world, and he said it was all perfect. All the animals, all the stars, all oceans and mountains… all his work. His favorite and most unique creation though, were humans. He made a man and a woman and what made them so unique and different from other animals and creations, is that God made these humans in his image.These creatures were not just physical, but also spiritual. They were a radical unity of both body and spirit. Their job was to take care of the earth and hang out and enjoy God. They were created to reflect God’s glory on earth. It’s kind of like how the moon reflects the Sun. Or like when a king puts up statues of himself around his kingdom, to remind the kingdom who is in charge, except these statues lived and breathed. It’s hard to find an analogy, because none match up. Well anyways, God loved these creations most of all.

To be continued..