Jesus says in Matthew 12:34 that “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

I like being known as a quick-witted guy. There is a certain security in knowing you could quickly humiliate someone by making them feel awful. Some terrible defense mechanism that makes us want to be quick to defend ourselves and lash out at others when being attacked or when we feel threatened. It’s something the world and the flesh loves. We love seeing the antagonist on the TV be quicker than everyone around them. Being the fastest on his feet and able to return any malicious attacks against him right back into the face of his offenders. 

But our model is not a sexy man on tv. I don’t want to be like that man, I want to be like Jesus.

I want more than to tame my tongue. I don’t want to be assaulted and be thinking in my head, “Man I could tear this guy up..” and be holding back. I want my heart to be changed. I want the words I speak and don’t speak to be out of the overflow of the work Christ is doing in my heart.

May our hearts be marked by humility knowing that We are saved only by grace and have no reason for boasting. May our hearts by full of truth, so we may offer sound words of wisdom and advice to our brothers and sisters. May our hearts be patient, reminded of the incredible patience God has shown with us, his people. May our hearts be overflowing with love for Christ and for others, loving the way God has loved us.

I want my heart to be changed, and the words that come from my mouth will coincide with that change.

I can change my words. I cannot change my heart. I can, however, be intentional about what is going in my heart and head. Soaking yourself in the words of Christ and the Word is a great start.

Yet, It is God alone who has the power to change our hearts. Before you ever rely on any spiritual discipline to make you more like Christ, lean wholly on the Sovereign most high to melt your heart and mold you into the image of his son.