In the past couple of weeks I’ve set aside times throughout my day to memorize and rehearse long passages of scripture. I’m completely a Newbie, and only have a couple chapters here and there memorized, but I am working towards having a good command over large portions of scripture. Things I’ve learned:

1. The Word of God is powerful. I am reminded when I go to the text just how powerful it is. I am encouraged and convicted every time without fail.

2. Memorizing sections in order helps you grasp the big picture. I realized that as I memorized passages in order and followed the progression of the book or passage, I better appreciated the points of the author. I am memorizing Ephesians and by the time I got to Ephesians 2:13 I was brought to tears. (read it for yourself. Starting at the beginning of the book ;)) The gospel is powerful.

3. How often it comes up in casual conversation. I will be speaking with another believer and they will ask me a question or share with me about an issue they’re facing and passages I’ve memorized will flood my mind. My words are just that, my words. It is good to substitute my words with the words of the sacred texts. Thats what they need to hear.

So, I charge you, to hide God’s word in your heart. Enjoy its riches. Learn more about our God. Share with others.