The beginning of verse 6 says, as you have received Christ so walk in him. This is a refrain that Paul keeps going to in other epistles. Paul is not saying, walk in a way that is worthy of Christ, we hve already received him (praise be to God!) so now act like it. How do we act like that? finding our roots in him and being built in him and getting more established in the faith.

Paul wants to make sure that we’re not being tricked or deceived by any vain philosophy. The human traditions and elemental spirits of the world, if not in accord with Christ and his teaching, are bad news. Paul isn’t throwing down some bashing on the Greek Philosophers as we know them (plato, aristotle, socrates etc.), the word he uses for philosopher indicates that he is talking about the ringleaders of this particular false teaching that is being circulated in Colossae.

Now you guys let me know your thoughts on the rest of the passage. It’s ballin for sure, and I wanna hear what your studies show. Even if you just restate the truth there, I’m gonna love reading it.