I love the phrase here that their hearts were knit together in love. Above everything else, we should be known for our love. I hope that we will have that bond amongst each other before our days run out. We find that uniting bond in the relationship we have with Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Paul refers to Christ as the mystery of God and the source for all wisdom and knowledge. He is saying this to prep the colossians with his coming teaching about Christ being the source for true wisdom and knowledge, not the false teachings other people in the church are spreading.

It is interesting that Paul refers to their arguments as plausible. Lies can be something just short of the truth, and in that sense very persuasive and believable. We have the truth here in God’s word and Christ who has been revealed to us through this word. He is the truth, and we have no need to go outside of him for wisdom or knowledge. Neat stuff.

Paul uses the phrase “good order” and “firmness” referring to their faith in Christ. This phrase carries with it a connotation of battle and the military. The colossians would get the picture of them standing in hardened battle lines ready to take on the enemy’s attacks.

Let me know what you guys thought. I’m praying for both of you.