Ok I’m going to have to write in parts. First part. Jesus is the image of God.

This concept is blowing the minds of the jews as they read this. They have always known God as a spiritual being. Which he is. But Paul is saying more than this. Paul is saying that Jesus is the exact representation of God in a human form. What the wha!?

It is a truly amazing thing that we are made in God’s image. Equally as amazing is the fact that God took on our image.

When paul says Jesus is the firstborn of all creation, he is not saying that he is a created being. Instead, Paul has in mind that Jesus carries the rights that come with being the firstborn. Namely, that because God the father is creator, his son Jesus will inherit authority over all of creation. Pretty cool stuff.

Paul goes on to talk about Jesus’ infinity and transcendance. He is before all things and the only reason anything holds together. He is the firstborn of the dead, meaning he is the first one to conquer death and the one who gives us the hope that we too will rise like he did.

Verse 19 can better be understood if you think about how the fullness of God filled up the temple. That’s the kind of lingo Paul is taking from here.

All things will be made right again through Jesus atoning sacrifice on the cross. His blood has brought us peace.

The last part of this section is Paul reminding the colossians of the amazing work that Christ has done in them. We are holy and blameless not because of anything that we have done, but because of Christ’s work on our behalf. We are reconciled with God because Christ’ righteousness is counted as our own. This is the gospel.

Tell me your thoughts guys. Theres alot in this one.