I’ll be going through a study of Colossians with two young men and I’ll be posting my thoughts on each section.

Colossians 1:1-8

So we’ve read some on the setting and context of Colossians (I’ll get you the packet) and we’ve figured some stuff out.

1. The believers at Colossians are facing a false teacher that is trying to spread his teaching through the Church.

2. Paul is imprisoned in Rome.

3. This church wasn’t established by Paul, but by a believer, named Epaphras, who was converted under Paul’s discipleship and teaching while he was at Ephesus.

4. This is one of the most theologically developed and Christ centered books of the Bible. So it should be both awesome and challenging to go through. I’m pumped.

Now for our Focal Passage.

Paul begins with his typical introduction to his letters. He normally affirms his apostleship and in this case he is also writing with Timothy. It is important for Paul to affirm that he is an apostle because it gives him authority to say these things. Some questioned his apostleship (because he was not one of the original 12) but Paul argued that because of his conversion and interaction with Jesus on the Road to Damascus he was a valid Apostle. The church in general has never questioned his authority.

Ok in just these first few verses we already see so much basic Theology.

We see the three parts of the Trinity.

1. Paul and Timothy always Thank GOD the father

2. God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the son. He is also Lord. Get used to hearing about the Lordship of Jesus.

3. Epaphras has told Paul and Timothy about the Love that the believers have which has been enabled in them by the Spirit. It is truly impossible to love the way believers should without the power and help of the Holy Spirit.

Paul praises the Colossians for their faith in Christ, their love for one another, and their hope that they have. Also notice the relationship of why they love one another. They have faith and love one another so much because they have a hope in Christ. Paul uses the phrase “laid up in heaven” to describe their hope in Christ to emphasize that nothing on earth can touch the reality of their hope.

The gospel is spreading! The believers have heard of this hope when they were told the gospel. Paul tells them that this Gospel is still spreading (reaching people’s ears) and bearing fruit (more than just reaching ears, also transforming lives). We see by the description of the Colossians that when the gospel is understood and believed in, it will inevitably produce change in lives.

Paul  also affirms to the Colossians the validity of Epaphras’ ministry to them.

Ok so this is a kind of dry take on these first few verses. Let me know what you guys noticed and are thinking about. Can’t wait to hear from you!