Well this is my first book review. Here goes.

McCarthy’s The Road is the powerful story of a father’s love for his coming-of-age son. If I left it at that, you’d wonder why MacCarthy came away from this book with a Pulitzer prize. Maybe I forgot to mention that the setting for this tale is a completely burned America.

Short plot synopsis. No Spoilers I promise. The opening pages of the book set you in a burned america. No green, everything black from raging fires. You get the sense that the fires have long since ravished the land because now everything is covered in snow, and layers of ash. They can not see the sun. Only gray. Humans are scarce. And the ones that you do come across can’t always be trusted. It’s getting colder and colder, and surviving is becoming more and more of a struggle for the two main characters, who throughout the entire book are only known as (the man, and the little boy). The plan is to head south, with the hope that the beaches will offer some kind of safe haven and answer to all that has happened.

The ups of this book:

1.) Incredible imagery. McCarthy has loaded this book with so much description; the most minute of detail is included in the pictures he’s painted and each object described serves to complete the picture in your mind.

2.) Very easy to read. The Road is composed mostly of short paragraphs that you must piece together throughout the book. Sometimes several days has passed between two paragraphs. This makes the book very easy to read, and no matter how much time you spent reading the book in each instance, it feels as if you’ve covered a lot of ground, and learned more about the Fathers past, and the son’s future.

3.) Good look into the true nature of man. Very honest insights in “what do you think you would do in his shoes” kind of situations.

The potential downs:

1.) If you’re looking for an action story, The Road isn’t for you. Keep in mind that the story is primarily about the journey the father and son are taking south and you’ll be fine though.

2.) You might be disappointed by how McCarthy leaves some questions unanswered. I was frustrated at first that some of my questions were left unresolved. However, if you’re like me, after you think about it, you’ll be thankful he didn’t resort to explaining everything and left much to the imagination.

I’d recommend The Road to anyone who is in the mood for a good fast read. I actually read the book because I was trying to find an easy way to break back into reading. I had gone about a week and a half without reading any book so this was my choice. Mission accomplished. Warning. It will be very hard to put down.