Chapter 9 is one of my favorites. It’s powerful and kind of funny at times.

The Man born blind… So Jesus and the tremendous twelve are walking around and they pass a blind beggar and they ask that question. It’s a huge question. We (as Americans) look at this situation and think; well of course it’s not the fault of the parents because that’s so unfair to the son that he was born blind. But to the Jews (people who had a great understanding of God’s judgment and justice) it was no big deal to think that. In fact, God promised at times to punish the children for the sins of their parents.

Jesus says something though that they aren’t expecting (go figure) and reveals to them that this man was born blind for this particular time so that Jesus could reveal his power and the father be more glorified in this and that this man’s testimony might reveal God’s work in him.

Jesus rubs mud in his eyes (so the man didn’t get to see Jesus) and “sent” him to the pool known as “sent. ”funny.

Ok. so all that goes down. Guess what day of the week it is. Yep.. Jesus is at it again.

It makes me laugh now because Jesus seems to be doing so much of his work on the Sabbath to just intentionally annoy the Pharisees.

So the blind man goes to the Pharisees and they are all like “what happened??” He’s like, I was healed. I was born blind. Now I can see” The Pharisees are all like “no way”

Blind/eyesight restored so that God’s glory is seen in him guy: yes way.

Pharisees: no way.

Pharisees: where is this guy who healed you?

Blind/eyesight restored so that God’s glory is seen in him guy: I dunno.

So they debate for awhile and they’re thinking, man this guy must be a sinner because he healed on the Sabbath, and others are saying, he can’t be a sinner because he just freakin healed a blind guy. So they fight it out. So they ask the Blind/eyesight restored so that God’s glory is seen in him guy.

Pharisees: who do you say he is?

Blind/eyesight restored so that God’s glory is seen in him guy: He’s a prophet.

Pharisees: ok get out of here. You’re stupid.

So they go and verify that that blind guy born blind was in fact born blind. He was. Parents verify it. They ask the parents what happened and the parents are like… seriously? He’s old enough to answer these questions. Leave us out of it.

So they call back in the blind guy. They ask him all the same questions again. He’s like… for reals. I’ve already told you. Oh. Are you asking so that you too can be his disciples? (sarcasm) And they are like We are disciples of MOSES! And he’s like. Haha this is crazy that this guy just healed me and you’re mad about it. It’s an awesome thing. He can’t be a sinner, God doesn’t listen to the prayers of sinners and no one has ever healed a man born blind. This guy must be the real deal.

Pharisees: You were born in sin. A blind guy. Hated by the world. No teaching. No education. Nothing. And you’re gonna teach us? Loser. Get out of here.

Jesus goes and finds the man after he’s been cast out. Beautiful. After a short exchange Jesus says he is the son of man and the Blind/eyesight restored so that God’s glory is seen in him guy worships him. So awesome. Jesus says that he has come into the world for judgment that the blind might see and the seeing may become blind. This phrase has significant meaning for this blind guy obviously. The Pharisees hear him say this and they say are we blind? And Jesus says if you were blind, you’re be guiltless. But you think you can see. And because of that you’ll be held accountable. Tell me your thoughts.

During this time when the disciples asked this question, there was a huge debate going on about how sin worked. 1 school of thought believed that the child sinned in the womb. The other thought that the parents sinned and passed it on. Jesus’ answer blows their minds.

When Jesus heals him, he uses dirt. Extremely gross. He also doesn’t heal him immediately. Jesus rubs the mud and then commands him to go do something. In faith, the man obeys and is healed.

Cool factoid on the pool known as sent. Jesus (the sent one) sent the blind guy to the pool known as sent.

Amazing line is when the blind guy is being questioned and he keeps saying I don’t know and the Pharisees are finally like well what do you know?? And he says, “All I know is I was once blind, but now I see.” Phenomenal. That’s all I know in absolute certainty too. I was blind, but now I see with such clarity.

Another crazy thing is that as a blind unclean man, the blind man would never have been able to enter into the synagogue to worship. Now, because he confesses Jesus to be king he is in danger of never being able to worship there even though now because he is made whole he is eligible. He sacrifices his right to worship there. By the end of the story he is kicked out of the synagogue by the priests. He can’t worship there ever. But it’s ok. Because Jesus seeks him out and after affirming that he is the Christ, what does the blind man get to do? He gets to worship. In a setting and way that we can’t imagine yet, at the feet of Jesus. Sooooo awesome!