Something Interesting about the mocking of Jesus being the “king” of the Jews. Not only was he the spiritual king, the heavenly king and the figurative king (for all intensive purposes this was the notable figure in Israel that was causing a stir) he was actually the KING of the Jews. Literally. He was the last firstborn in the bloodline of David. At the beginning of Matthew we read the genealogy and we see that he is of the line of David. I thought that was neat.

Another thing. The wine mixed with Gall would have been a strong sedative for Jesus. Crucifixion was so painful that they even allowed men condemned to die to have some painkiller for it. Jesus refused.

The robbers next to him: they were actually probably zealots too, like Barabbas. It is interesting that they were being crucified for being revolutionaries. Jesus, too, in a very symbolic way was being crucified for rebellion. Our own rebellion. Jesus took on the penalty for our rebellion against the God in the garden.

Jesus cries out My God, My God why have you forsaken me? This is from the psalms. Can you imagine losing the love you had known for all of eternity? No. You can’t. And none of us ever will. But Jesus endured that for us.

Upon Jesus’ death, the curtain in the temple was torn in two. The separation between the holy place and the most holy of holies was removed by Christ’ death on the cross. The need for a human high priest to intercede between us and the father was removed. Jesus is now our own high priest. We have direct access to God’s throne through Jesus. We’d be fools to not take advantage of that access.

Pilate puts a guard outside Jesus’ tomb to secure it and to avoid having to deal with any… Jesus arose! Kind of stories. That would be a pain. So he took measure to see that wouldn’t happen. He posted a guard that could easily fend off anyone. These are roman soldiers.

However, intel didn’t let these soldiers know that Angels were coming. And that Jesus couldn’t be held by death… yeah. Big details.