Ok so the chapter begins. I’m just doing up till verse 26 because I think there is an important theme here.

First of all, I think it amazing at how specific Jeremiah’s prophecy was of the 30 pieces of silver and the potter’s field. Pretty crazy.

OK. So on Barabbas being released in place of Jesus. Barabbas was a zealot; the kind of revolutionary that fought against Rome with swords and with other followers. He was most likely a ring leader of a big group. So when the choice was offered to the Israelites to pick either Barabbas, a leader of men and a man who would fight the Romans with his fists, or Jesus, the king of all creation who would fight the power of death and sin and flipped everything we knew upside down and told us to love our enemies, the choice was obvious. We’ve known all along that Jesus was not the kind of King that Israel wanted or was expecting, but he was the king they needed. They chose what they thought they needed. Salvation from the hands of the Romans was forefront on their minds; even before salvation from their own sins.

Blows my mind. Because I think I would have done the same thing.