This passage is getting intense.

The weight of knowing what was about to happen must have been enormous on Jesus. Knowing that you were about to absorb all of God’s wrath on yourself… we can’t even fathom.

So Jesus is praying in the garden. Very Interesting I think. We’re always supposed to look at Jesus as the second adam. So, like the first Adam, Jesus is in a garden, but when it’s all on the line, instead of responding “yes.. i’ll take the fruit. I want to be like God” like adam did, Jesus says to God in ultimate humility, not my will but yours. He is being what Adam should have been. Beautiful.

It’s a shame that the disciples couldn’t stay awake for Jesus. I don’t wanna judge them though.. i probably would have been in the same boat.

Judas.. what a slimy guy. it is pretty lame that they came for Jesus with clubs and swords. I love how Jesus calls them out on it. Basically saying, where were your swords and clubs when I was teaching in the temple?

Jesus endures all the slander against him. I don’t feel like there is much here necessarily to disect.. but we should read it and wonder. wonder at the truth that God endured all of this for us, so that we could be restored to right relationship with him.

Peter denies Jesus. Interesting that Peter ends with saying he doesn’t know the man. the “man” that Peter has earlier said was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. It’s sad. But it’s awesome that God is a God of second chances. Peter is later renewed and is a pivotal part of the gospel being spread.

let’s prepare for tomorrows chapter.