OK I don’t really love to try to decipher all the parables like they are in some code. Each part of the parable and each individual character doesn’t always relate to something else. I think when you try to do that too much you lose the bigger picture of the parable.

So for the first two parables.. The Virgins one. We should be ready to receive the bridegroom (Jesus) when he returns. We are to be expectantly waiting for him.

The Talents. I think the big picture is faithfulness. We have to take what we have been given, and (out of love for the master) do the best we can with it to give back what was allotted to us. We are stewards, and we want to be the best stewards we can be. There will be a reward for that. I want our Father to be proud of what we do with what he gives us. I think the biggest gift I need to be mindful of is the time I spend. I need to spend it wisely.

The last part. We are to live lives where we are always watchful for ways we can serve the least of our brothers. This is a total sacrifice of oneself. Thoughts?