So the passage starts with Jesus giving the disciples a grim warning of what we’ll eventually happen to the temple. (In AD 70 Jesus’ prophecy came true)

Ok. This whole passage is kinda tricky because a lot of it deals with the end times. So I can’t speak too authoritatively. Verses 3-14 seem to be talking about the time that we live in right now. Honestly.. that’s the only thing I think I know for sure.

The rest of the stuff seems to refer to the end of days. I don’t wanna be too dogmatic on much of that stuff. What we do know is that Jesus will return! Woo hoo! We also know that the judgment on those who did not follow Christ will be swift and terrible.

Because we don’t know when Christ will come back, we should always be ready and waiting!

That’s really I have for today. I know it wasn’t much.

Also.. on that other parable of the workers joining the eleventh hour. I think the parable is dealing with the Israelites. They were the workers that the owner of the land first chose and promised their reward. The denarius is the gift of the gospel and of the light of the law. They had it for awhile. God chose to allow others in on this light and the gentiles received the gospel. If they were faithful to work the time asked of them, they received the same gift that the Israelites were given. The Israelites weren’t too happy about that. But God tells us, who are we to decide who gets paid what?

Ok. Does that make sense? I think it makes sense to me. Let me know what ya think.