LOVE this passage.

This is Jesus dominating everyone when they ask him their “tough” questions. Ok honestly though… they would have been tough for anyone else. But Jesus isn’t having any of it ha.

Ok the first Parable. I think Jesus is referring to the feast the coming of the Christ. He is the bridegroom and the father has invited the honored guests to attend. They treated his servants poorly when they delivered the invitations and even killed some of them. They denied the invitations and wouldn’t come. They were obligated to basically because he was the king though. So the king is outraged and has those guests who murdered his servants destroyed. Israel was the honored guest. But upon refusing to come to the feast God punished them for not accepting his son. Because the feast is going to be empty the king invites everyone out on the streets to come. Because Israel rejected the Messiah, god extends revelation to the gentiles through Jesus. They are now invited to the feast as well. Some, are not prepared though, and are cast out from the feast.

I’m not positive about that entire one. I’ll need to check with my brother and read up on some commentaries on that one again. Either way… it’s a very hard parable.

I love the next couple of passages where they try to trip up Jesus. The Pharisees step up on the mound and throw their fast ball (let’s get the Roman’s or the people mad at him) pitch. Jesus hits a home run.

The Sadducees try their luck with the resurrection curveball pitch (funny because they didn’t even believe in the resurrection) and Jesus hits another homerun.

The Pharisees give it their last best shot with a little breaking ball question about the greatest commandment. Jesus delivers. Hits another home run. He takes a break. (thankfully for their sake) and steps up onto the mound himself.

He throws his own pitch. The Pharisees got nothing. Game over. The Pharisees and Sadducees both decide not to play ball with Jesus anymore. They keep losing.

That’s our King 🙂 He’s so cool.