Ok so there are a few things about this first parable that I’m still sorting out and studying up on. Once I feel like I’ve got a better grasp on it I’ll send my thoughts to you.

For the other parts:

Jesus tells the Disciples in detail just what will happen to him in Jerusalem. He has spoken before of how he will die, but never like this before. We need to start preparing our hearts to read about Christ crucified. This is a solemn subject, a powerful one at that. We have a little ways before we’re there though.

In the next passage, the mother of James and John asks if her sons can sit on either side of Jesus at his throne. Jesus again blows their mind and says that if you want to be first in God’s kingdom, you have to be last. If you want to be a master of all, you have to be a servant of all. Everything is backwards from what you would hear the world say.

The last passage is Jesus healing some more blind guys. They recognize him as the son of David, in other words, the King. Pretty neat. Jesus heals them. LOVE IT!!