I was away for awhile and my buddy summarized the missing chapters. Chapter 19 is where I picked up.

ok. It’s great to be able to finally write back! I’m really grateful for the awesome messages you sent me. It’s been great to see you growing in your love of the gospel and for the word of God. 🙂

ok. So the Pharisees are at it again and are trying to trip up Jesus with some stuff. Today their topic of choice is divorce. They ask Jesus’ opinion about it knowing that Moses’ law allowed for it.

Jesus responds by telling them just how man and woman are supposed to work once they marry and how once joined, their bond should be lasting. The Pharisees pounce on this and tell Jesus that Moses said they could divorce, and then Jesus tells them that only because of their hardness of heart did Moses let this happen. Ouch. He goes on to say that the only time it would be ok to divorce someone is in the case of sexual immorality.

His own disciples around him are like.. oh gosh. in that case we should not get married. Jesus responds by saying all that stuff about eunuchs. I think basically he is saying that some people are cut out for marriage, others aren’t. Some people sacrifice marriage for the sake of their ministry for the kingdom. Tough stuff said.

The children part is cool. Jesus is such a lover.

The rich young man. You know the story. He is broken because he can’t let go of the wealth that has been given to him. Jesus goes on to say that it’s super tough for rich people to enter the kingdom and believe. I think he is saying that because we have our possessions to lean on and we learn to love them. The disciples are blown away and think who could possibly be saved if its that hard for rich people? Jesus answers, that apart from God it can’t be done. But God can do it! and he has done it!