I love the stories at the beginning of this passage. Jesus is with his disciples and it’s the sabbath (the holy day of the week where you weren’t supposed to do any kind of work) and they were hungry so they got some stuff to eat. The Pharisees somehow saw this (must be creepers) and got mad at Jesus for letting his disciples do this on the sabbath. Jesus shoots them down and then goes into the synogogue and heals a man with a withered hand when they were watching. All of this is just like a huge slap in the face to them. Jesus shows them from scripture how the sabbath has been broken in other ways but the men who broke it were guiltless in God’s eyes because of their heart motives. Jesus basically schooled all the Pharisees in front of everyone. They started to plot to kill him from then on.

Jesus heals a man of demons next and the Pharisees again go back to the whole “he’s doing it by the power of satan” thing. Jesus points out the stupidity of that argument and harshly rebukes the Pharisees for their insult of God. He reminds them that they will be judged for every word they’ve ever said. They aren’t too happy.

They next ask him for a sign to prove he’s the Messiah. It’s already really clear that Jesus is the Messiah, and Jesus tells them that an evil generation looks for signs. The easiest way to believe something is if we see it. They were putting Jesus to the test and he would have none of it. He talked about the people Jonah ministered to and how they repented, and how the Queen of the south repented and both of them didn’t have the Son of God walking and teaching right in front of them. Oh that we would have faith to not always have to see obvious signs. God is faithful to us and we must believe even when it is hardest.

The last thing in the chapter is where Jesus affirms believers by saying that whoever does the will of the Father, is Jesus’ brothers and sisters and mother. Sigh. It is neat to be able to be family with the Christ.