Jesus sends out his disciples to go and do all kinds of ministry throughout Galilee. The first mission was assigned specifically to the lost sheep of israel, but eventually the gospel would be sent out among the gentiles too.

Jesus gives really straight forward guidelines for what to do in the towns. If you ahve any questions of insights about any of those things ask me. otherwise I think it is pretty clear.

Jesus warns his disciples that they are like sheep among wolves. He tells them to be shrewd, but innocent. I feel like we must do the same. We can’t be stupid about how we minister to the world, but we must be innocent in how we do it and keep our hearts clean.

He gives them a real honest picture of what to expect for their service to their king Jesus. Things are gonna get tough. The hope though, is that he will give us his spirit to strengthen us in our work for him, and ultimately the King is going to return!

Jesus says to them don’t fear these people who will persecute you. They don’t matter. Instead, fear God. He is capable of destroying anything, so be loyal to him. If we acknowledge Christ while on earth, then he will acknowledge us in the presence of his father when we are judged.

I love Jesus’ quote about not bringing peace but a sword. Ultimately, Jesus knows that this message of the gospel will turn the world on its head. We have hope though, and we are promised a reward for our work for the kingdom and for our allegiance to and love of Christ.