whew! I’m telling ya… Jesus is getting super busy in these chapters. You kind of get the feeling while reading it that it’s just one thing after another.

The first story of the paralytic is awesome. Jesus forgives the man of his sins because of his FAITH in who Jesus was. Faith has always been the means of salvation.

Matthew is called and it’s neat because normally everyone hated tax collectors, but Jesus is such a lover. I like what he says about sick people needed the doctor not well people. I think it’s funny that people get uptight about there being bad people in a church. Yet, the church is the hospital for bad people. I think that’s kind of the same line of thought.

The fasting question is interesting to me. I think it’s neat how Jesus encourages them to enjoy being with him while he is there.

Jesus restores life to a dead girl. Love it. Jesus gives us a hope for the future resurrection of all the saints. Get pumped!

Blind guys healed… by faith.

After Jesus heals the mute man, you can see that the Pharisees are starting to really despise Jesus. They’re starting these dumb rumors that Jesus’ authority is given to him by the devil. goodness they’re so wrong. annoys me really.

Jesus heals everyone and urges us to pray for more laborers to harvest the field that God has set before us. This is something that we should pray for as well. As members of the kingdom of God, it’s a responsibility of ours to become laborers for God.