Alot happens in this chapter!

I love the story of the centurion and how he showed such strong faith. Jesus rewards him for it and then speaks of the truth that many will come and believe in him. He affirms that not just the israelites are allowed to be members of the kingdom of God. In fact, he even says that many Israelites will be cast out because even though they originally were God’s chosen people, they denied the Messiah. Now all those who believe in Christ are God’s chosen people.

I think the story of people wanting to follow Jesus is interesting too. When the guy says let me first go and bury my father, and Jesus responds the way he does, he isn’t being heartless. He is letting the man know that there will always be reasons to not follow Christ. There will always be some task that we need to get done first. One of the costs of following after Christ is leaving some tasks behind. Some of our work will be left undone because we have sacrificed our time and lives for the sake of the Gospel.

I love how Jesus straight dominates this storm. Everyone is freaking out but Jesus is sleeping. Hilarious. I think Tim sleeps that hard too. haha. Jesus wakes up and basically scoffs at the disciples for their lack of faith and then calms the storm. Storm = Roasted. I can imagine being absolutely “blown away” by Jesus doing this. I don’t even know what I would have done if I had seen this happen. Crazy stuff.

Jesus drives out the demons of the two guys next. The demons fear him and recognize his authority over him. They are scared and then Jesus casts them into some pigs nearby. The pigs run off the cliff and into the ocean and the people ask Jesus to leave. I have always thought that was interesting. Give me some insight on why you think they would have done that?

Great chapter. Keeps getting better.


P.S. Well the guy I have been studying with wrote the study on the rest of chapter 7 so I didn’t wanna post his stuff on there without his permission ha. Here is my response to him. Our lesson was on the wise man and the foolish man who built their houses on different foundations.
awesome. I couldn’t have said any of that better. Excellent insight.

Something else to think about. It’s interesting that the rain falls on both the wise man and the foolish man. So it’s not, “build your house on the rock and everything will be dandy.” The rains fell on both men. Tough times came, but the man whose foundation was in the word of God pressed on. It’s inevitable that tough times will come for us wil. But where we have our foundation makes all the difference. Love ya bud!