yeah. large title for today. Jesus covers alot of ground in these verses.

I feel like the golden rule is self-explanatory. Jesus says that this rule summarizes the law and the prophets.

ok. There is a huge shift from here on out until the end of the sermon on the mount. Jesus starts to give his audience severe warnings. Beginning with verse 13, Jesus makes everyone who is not a follower of him aware of what awaits them. It is HARD to follow after Christ.

In verses 15-20 Jesus gives us simple ways of guarding ourselves against deceivers and those who want to destroy us. We talked about this before on one of our walks. Fruit is the only way for us to determine who they really are. We can’t look at just good things they do or have done because of what Jesus says in the next few verses, so we must look at the way they live their life day to day. If they live a life that is marked by the fruits of the spirit than we can know who is on our side and who follows after Christ.

This passage always makes me ask, where is the fruit in my life?