I love this passage. It continues this theme of the first few verses of chapter six, about not doing things in public for others to see. God sees in secret and He will reward you. Jesus tells people to not pray like the hypocrites, and he tells us not to pray like the gentiles who heap up empty meaningless words. Instead of just leaving us to fend for ourselves and figure out how to pray, Jesus tells us how to. Beautiful.

Our Father in Heaven, Let your name be honored and set apart as Holy. Please, we want your Kingdom to fully come to earth. We want your will to be done here as it is already done in heaven. We ask that you continue to give us food for our bodies and provide for the physical needs we have. We also ask that you forgive us, and restore us to the right relationship with you that our sin has hindered. We will forgive others like you have forgiven us. Keep us from Temptation, you know how weak we are. Please spare us from the evil one in this world who wants to kill steal and destroy. You alone can do these things, because you have the power. It is your kingdom. You are glorious! You are eternal, unchanging God! Bless your name! So be it. Wes