Jesus speaks pointedly to his audience on the mount. He is talking about giving away to the poor and needy.

He emphasizes giving out of a desire to honor your Heavenly father and condemns those who give just for the praise of men. He asks us to give in such a way that it doesn’t matter to us whether anyone knows about it or not.

He calls the Pharisees hypocrites here. That term came from Greek actors who wore different masks to to suit whatever role they were performing in a play. Jesus tells us that these kind of men will get their praise and reward, but it will only come from men, and God will not honor that kind of giving.

This passage convicts me. I don’t think I give this way, but I do think I long for the approval of men. Not just any man, in fact I want the approval of Godly men, but too often I am content to stop there. I don’t long for God’s approval the way I should. I have to remember God will reward what He sees in secret.