It seems like the lust, divorce, and swearing stuff is pretty straightforward. The part in these passages that kills me is the don’t be retaliating part. Jesus asks his people to not fight back in the same way the world would expect us to. In the way it comes most natural to fight back. Instead, he commands them to “turn the other cheek…give him your cloak as well… and to walk with him two miles.” Can you imagine living in a world where everyone did what Jesus had commanded us to do? It would be upside down (or rightside up). During this time, Roman soldiers had the privilege of asking any citizen to carry their equipment for them up to a mile’s distance. Jesus is telling us to not just go the minimum when we serve others (unwilfully in this case) but to go above and beyond and truly serve them. The first mile is our duty, the second is our love. Thoughts on any of this passage?


P.S. Jesus isn’t emphasizing what not to do. I feel like he’s emphasizing what TO do. Really this post should be “guard your heart in Christ Jesus and think on lovely pure things, Stay true to the one you’ve committed to spending your life with, be encouraging and loving in the words you use and be honest and straight-forward, and react in a manner that shows our love.”