The opening phrase of this passage is one that you will get used to.. “you have heard it said… but I say.” I love this about Jesus’ teaching. He speaks with so much authority. He is intensifying all the old rules and ratcheting them up a notch. Like I said before, Jesus is concerned with the heart, not the outward appearance. He speaks harshly here about anger. Jesus understands the dangerous and destructive ends of anger. Anger is not a mark of a kingdom person. Colossians tells us to put away anger, wrath, malice… etc. It is a characteristic of the old self. Jesus next hits on the matter of reconciliation. This passage speaks to me. I hate being at odds with people. He says that for me as a believer, if I have wronged my brother, my first resonsibility is to reconcile with my brother before I even offer worship to God. Powerful stuff. The ways Christians interact with one another is important to God. As members of his kingdom, we are to be lovers of peace and should yearn to be in good standing and relationship with one another. Wes