Again, these chapters are loaded. Chapters 5-7 are essentially the outline of what it looks like to be a true Christian. This is what we strive to talk like, be like, pray like, worship like, marry like, love like.. etc. So Jesus goes up onto the hills because he sees all these huge crowds following him (end of chapter 4 we saw the crowds forming). He sits down to teach them (this is pretty common for Jewish teachers to do) and boy does he teach. Blessed are the poor in spirit. – these are those who realize their need for the help of God. The kingdom of heaven goes to those who confess their absolute bankruptcy in light of God. those who mourn – those who know they are poor pitiful people who sin. …are the meek. These are people who are gentle. They don’t insist on their own way. (this is a picture of true love found in 1 Corinthians 13)Despite their gentleness, they will inherit the earth. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness – these are people who recognize God is the source for righteousness. They want to see that righteousness in their own life. Merciful-self explanatory. Pure in heart – those whose intentions are pure and they seek after purity. They will ultimately be satisfied. The jews were bad about setting extra rules and being legalistic and keeping to the rituals, but Jesus hits on the issue by saying blessare are the pure in HEART. love him. peacemakers – people who promote God’s ultimate peace will be called sons of God. awesome compliment. persecuted… those who are persecuted for their faith will be blessed. The last one is basically saying.. if you choose to live this life and follow after me, than you will be ridiculed and all these things. But Jesus says we’re blessed for it. The light of the world. Jesus says that you are the light of the world. The you here is plural. He is speaking to his disciples. When one man does something good it can be shrugged off as a good deed or just a noble man. But when a whole group of people continually lives like this, then they shine a bright bright light into the world. When people see this love and passion of Christ-followers, God is glorified by the watchers. Thoughts? Wes