goodness.. these chapters are starting to get loaded. Before I forget. Tomorrow we’re just gonna read Matthew 5:1-17. There is so much to cover in these next few chapters.

But now for chapter 4.

So Jesus enters into the wilderness and there he fasts for 40 days and nights. Pretty incredible. Sources say that 40 days is about the longest a human can fast without permantly harming their body. Permantly.. So Jesus was definately suffering out there. And just like Satan.. he comes and tempts him when he is weakest.

Satan goes after Jesus’ physical needs. Jesus stands up to him and shuts him down with scripture. (All three verses he quotes are from dueteronomy) He tries to tempt him in other ways and Jesus just keeps shutting him down. He sets an example for us and how we can resist temptation. Go first to God’s word.

John (Jesus’ cousin) is arrested and Jesus goes to the Sea of Galilee. Presumably to get some alone time after hearing of the news about John. It’s interesting that He starts his ministry after this. John is arrested but his message of Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand is taken right up by Christ. John had done his job and now it was time for Christ to begin his ministry.

Jesus calls his disciples. In those days, all the young boys were trained up to learn and know the Torah since they were 5. Once they reached adolescence, if a rabbi thought any of these kids was good enough he would take him up under his wing and tell him “follow me.” The young boys would ahve always dreamed of this moment and would drop whatever they had to follow the rabbi they loved. All the boys who didn’t get asked would carry on doing whatever profession their family did.

Peter and Andrew clearly didn’t make the cut. So they were out doing what the rest of their family did, fishing. When Jesus calls them though, they drop their nets and follow him. This is a great chance of the free gift that Jesus offers. A great picture of second chances and redemption. It’s also an awesome picture of how I think we should respond to Christ’s calling. What he asks us, we should do. He bids us “come to me.”

Next Jesus goes into the region of Galilee and starts going on a healing frenzy. I love this about Jesus. He just can’t stand people being sick or hurt around him so he just heals everyone. I love him.