Woo hoo this is a busy Chapter.

It opens up with John the Baptist, God’s chosen prophet to go before Jesus, calling out the people about the Kingdom of Heaven being at hand. This was saying that the time of the coming Messiah was upon them. When he spoke of the kingdom of heaven, he prefaced it with repent! Repent carries with it the connotation of turning away from something and going in a different direction. Here it is talking about one’s attitude and actions towards God. John wanted everyone to turn away from any distraction that might hinder their reception of Christ as the Messiah.

John speaks to the Pharisees and saducees pretty harshly. He knew these were some pretty self-righteous people and he warned them of the wrath to come if they did not accept the coming messiah.

John talks about his baptism in relation to the baptism that Jesus will eventually bring. His baptism will be with the Holy Spirit and with Fire. This is indicating that Christians will be given the holy Spirit and be tested and purified by a refining fire. Doesn’t sound too great to be tested by fire, but the coming out of the fire pure sounds awesome.

Jesus arrives on the scene!!

He asks John to Baptize him. Can you even imagine? Crazyness.

John does this and Jesus is our example for Baptism. This Baptism of Jesus also inaugurates his ministry and the redeeming work that God had promised since the beginning of time. A dove descends from heaven (the holy spirit) and God the father speaks from heaven saying he is pleased with his son. Things are looking great so far. Hold onto your horses because Jesus is just getting started.