So we got an interesting Chapter in this one.

The Wise men came to worship Jesus with all their attendants. It’s likely their journey would have taken over 40 days. Pretty Crazy stuff. The fact that there was a star is a fulfillment of an earlier prophecy by Balaam about a “star shall come out of Jacob.” They would have been familiar with prophecies like this from Jews who lived in Babylon and in the east. Jesus came into the world during a time called the dispersion. Jews had dispersed all over the known earth instead of staying in just Israel.

Herod was ticked off about this messiah being born because it represented a political threat to him and the other political officials in Judea at the time. The last thing he wanted was more zealots attacking him.

So he goes crazy! He orders every male under two to be slaughtered. Thankfully though… An angel came to Joseph and warned him before hand and told him to flee to egypt. God Is faithful.

There is alot of emphasis on prophecies being fulfilled in this passage. This would mean especially alot to the jewish Audience reading this book (it is generally agreed on that Matthew was written to the Jews). They would have all been very familiar with these prophecies, so think about how cool it would have been to see all them being fulfilled by a man during your lifetime. Pretty Exciting Stuff.

The Interesting Prophecy that Matthew quotes is in verse 15 when it says “This was to fulfill what the Lord has spoken by the prophet, ‘Out of Egypt I called my son'”. It’s cool because in Old Testament times Israel was often referred to as God’s son. But now, God’s true son is being rescued and delivered. Neato.

God’s Faithfulness seems to be a strong undertone in this chapter. Through the physical dangers and threats that Mary and Joseph faced, God was faithful, and to the people of Israel who were waiting for the day when someone would come along and fulfil these prophecies, God was Faithful, and even now, to those who put their trust in Him, God is faithful.