I am going to post my thoughts on the book of Matthew as I go through it in a study. I am doing the study with a close friend of mine. We are trying to mine the depths of God’s word together and better understand the gospel through it. These posts will come directly from the thoughts I have already shared with him. We started in Matthew 1 and we’re going to continue though the rest of the book.

Matthew 1. Jesus is Born!

Hope you got alot out of your first chapter of Matthew. Obviously the big news here is that Jesus has been born.

Some other things to think about..

In Jesus’ geneology there are tons of screw ups listed. Lots of people with really questionable character are included in his lineage and that is something that the jews would omit from their line so as to not bring any shame to their family. It’s interesting though, that Jesus comes at the end of a list of heroes, conquerors, faith giants, villians, prostitutes, skanks, and failures…. and he’s the Saviour of them all.

Also, It’s interesting about Jesus’ name. It was a common everyday name for a jew male. It was like joshua. (Yeshua in Hebrew). So people commonly named their son Joshua or Jesus because it means Yahweh Saves. It was a way of showing that you had faith that God would save the nation from oppression. So normally when people would name their sons Joshua it was to mean God would save them from physical oppression but it’s interesting that the angel emphasizes a different kind of saving that will take place. “he will save the people from their sins.”

Love it. Hope you’re encouraged by God’s words today!