So Today begins my first day of classes. All the hub bub has been great. Wonderful to see old friends and catch up. I am ultra busy in classes and ministry.

 I find however, that once you start getting into the swing of things it’s easy to let your own personal relationship with Christ suffer. I find that I feel closest to God when I pray to him and when I speak his words. So, that in mind, I am starting a new goal.

Every Week I am learning 2 new Passages. I have already memorized a few and I find that once I learn some, I crave for more. I am going to try and memorize the book of Ephesians along with other passages. On Sunday I will select 6 or so verses out of Ephesians to learn and on wednesday I will begin a new passage chosen from elsewhere in the scriptures. So Far, it’s been awesome. It’s a joy to hide his word in your heart. I invite you to seek after that goal with me.

This Week. Ephesians 1:1-6 and On Wednesday, and Hebrews 6:1-6.