I was at Church yesterday and in Bible Study we were talking about how the Christian life is a combination of both effort and total dependency. We must always be doing our work, but must always be dependent on the Spirit too. It can be a tough thought to get through, but our teacher gave us an awesome illustration to make his point.

A row boat will only go as fast as you row. As strong as your back and arms are, thats how far you can get. This is the law, and this is hopeless. We can’t do it all.

A motor boat is all about sitting back and taking it easy. You crank the engine and once it starts, you just let it do all the work while you relax. This is a hands off approach to Christian Living.

What we need to be is somewhere in the middle. We need to think of our Christian walk as a sailboat. We must do the work that we are called to do. We must raise the sails and in the words of the Princess Bride, we must “move the thing! and.. that other thing!” We do the work we can, but ultimately, we go nowhere without the wind.

The Christian walk is just like it. We do what God has called us to do, but with a total dependency on him to bring our acts to fruition. It’s humbling to know that without the wind, we truly go nowhere.

P.S. The Greek word for Holy Spirit is also the same word as Wind. Neato huh?