As someone who is very passionate about both music and doctrine, I’m greatly encouraged by what seems to be a resurgence in the companying of both in some of today’s Christian music.

I will say that the typical mainstream contemporary music has really been letting me down, but there are some great artists that are influencing the Christian music scene. I believe these particular artists are making a great impact not because their musical talent is the very best (though they are certainly very gifted), or that they are coming out with the coolest new sounds (though I do love them), but because they are incorporating deep theological meaning into their music and sticking to the simple, powerful truth of the Gospel.

Something I’ve realized is that when we as Christian’s try to imitate the sounds and styles of the world, we just look silly (for lack of a better word). We’ll never be able to do it as well as them, because that isn’t us. But what is? What can we offer?

Something totally different. We offer the life changing truth of the Gospel of Jesus.

Yes, we use the same instruments, but our message is one that is totally set apart. When we focus more on the message and less on the method, that’s when our Music is at its best.

And believe me… no one has a better message than we do.

Check out these Artists. Show them some love and give them some support so they can keep putting out good music.


Phil Wickham (check out “True Love”)

Red Mountain Church (just about anything they do will rock your world)

Tenth Avenue North (“By Your Side”)

Hillsong (These ladies and gents are putting out some awesome worship stuff)